Quiz: Can You Pass This 80s Icon Dead Or Alive Quiz?


Have you been keeping track of who's still with us and who's not?

This quiz tests your knowledge on popular actors and singers of the 80's who are either dead or alive to see if you know which one they are.

 Nov 04, 2017
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Calling all 80s fans! Do you enjoy belting out great songs in a dark bar? When you step on stage do you turn into a 80s diva? Well if so, this quiz is perfect for you. We lost many great people from the 80s, and we are lucky to still have some! From Madonna and Prince to the one and only Michael Jackson. Can you remember who is still alive and who has passed? So if you're in your cubicle, or stuck in an office take a little break from your work!. You can prove how well you know who is still rocking and who is singing from upstairs. Some of the people who are dead might surprise you, and you might be relieved some are around. The 80s were a time to be alive, and what better way to celebrate and honor those people! Sadly, we lost some great artists and musicians, but can you remember who? We haven't heard from a few musicians but they are still alive and kicking! The 80s were a fun time filled with great music, movies, artists, and television! You can fly through this quiz with all the fun images we have ready for you. Take it with a friend, or share with a coworker because we know you'll get a perfect score!!! Now, no cheating!!!! It might be easy to google, wikipedia, or phone a friend but we know you can ace this quickly!!! If you're waiting for your flight to board or need a rest from your busy, women.com has great quizzes! Make sure to share with your friends and family members, that way you all can enjoy this 80s alive or not quiz!!!

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