Quiz: Can You Answer 13 Questions All Florida Locals Should Know?


Are you a true Florida local? Show what you know about the Sunshine State now!

Take this quiz on Florida life and history test your knowledge to see if you can get a perfect score.

 Dec 14, 2017
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People from Florida are called Floridites.
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Which of these celebrities is from Florida?
Angelina Jolie
Ryan Reynolds
John Travolta
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Florida is the southernmost state in the U.S.
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The largest lake in Florida is ___________
Lake Okeechobee
Lake Weir
Lake Harris
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Florida is the only state that has what?
Two lakes with the same name
No toll roads
Fresh water that is bottled and sold locally
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Florida is known for what animal?
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Which of these cities installed the first automated bank teller machine?
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Cape Canaveral is America's what?
Where technology gadgets are manufactured
Home of the largest music festival
Launch pad for space flights
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Which city is Disney World located in?
Fort Lauderdale
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Disney World attracts more people than any other amusement park location in the US.
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Florida is home to the country's oldest what?
Farmer's market
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Clearwater is the city with the highest rate of what?
Teenage marriages
Lightening strikes
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The islands of the coast of Florida are called...
The Atlantic Isles
The Florida Keys
The Hawaiian Islands
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