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Why Are Stranger Things Episodes Referred To As Chapters?

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This quiz tests your knowledge on a variety of school topics of common knowledge to see if you can get a perfect score.

 Nov 15, 2017
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If 2(X) = 64, then what does X equal?
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Which of the following Wars did not involve the United States?
Gulf War
Trojan War
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How many sides does a dodecagon have?
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A semicolon indicates ___________.
a pause, typically between two main clauses
a pause after a person's name
the end of a sentence
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In terms of money, what is interest?
Money paid regularly at a particular rate for the use of money lent
Money that is taken out of a person's paycheck
Money put away in an off-shore account
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Which of the following is not a branch of U.S. government?
7 of 15True or False?
ALL questions begin using one of the following words: who, what, when, where, why or how.
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Which of the following is NOT a gland in the body?
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If you order a baker's dozen donuts, that equals ____ donuts.
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What is the mascot for Ohio State University?
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Which of the following continents is also a single country?
South America
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Which of the following is NOT a proper noun?
Barack Obama
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Which part of the body never stops growing?
Shoulder blades
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If 2(X) + 3(Y) = 29, what does X and Y equal?
X=10, Y=3
X=10, Y=6
X=20, Y=8
15 of 15True or False?
The patella is the largest bone in the body.
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