Quiz: Bet You Can't Correctly Remember All Of These "Dirty Dancing" Quotes

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Hey spaghetti arms, do you know every "Dirty Dancing" quote by heart? 80's kid or not, prove it here and make Baby proud!

Take this quiz on quotes from the movie "Dirty Dancing" starring Patrick Swayze, and test your knowledge to see if you can get a perfect score.

 Oct 26, 2017
1 of 15Finish the quote!
Johnny Castle: "I'll never be ..."
smart enough
the one you marry
2 of 15Finish the quote!
Lisa Houseman: "I've been thinkin' about the Domino Effect. Now, if Vietnam falls, ..."
do I lose my job?
what happens to me!?
what, does that mean China's next?
3 of 15Finish the quote!
Max Kellerman: "I want you girls to know if it were not for this man, ...."
I would still live at home
I'd be standin' here dead
I wouldn't have a girlfriend
4 of 15Finish the quote!
Baby: "You were right, Johnny..."
I'm never going to be a professional dancer
I don't know how to do the cha-cha
You can't win no matter what you do!
5 of 15Finish the quote!
Dr. Jake Houseman: "When I'm wrong, ..."
you're actually wrong
I don't know what to do
I say I'm wrong
6 of 15Finish the quote!
Johnny Castle: "Nobody puts..."
me out of the house
my feelings before theirs
Baby in a corner
7 of 15Finish the quote!
Baby: "I carried..."
a watermelon
a lot of anger inside
a child on my own
8 of 15Finish the quote!
Johnny Castle: "Look, _______. This is my dance space."
club foot
spaghetti arms
9 of 15Finish the quote!
Dancer: "Ladies, God wouldn't have given you maracas..."
if He didn't want you to shake them
to NOT use them
if we weren't suppose to dance
10 of 15Finish the quote!
Penny Johnson: "How many times have you told me..."
to file my taxes on time
to always land on my left foot
never get mixed up with them
11 of 15Finish the quote!
Johnny Castle: "Don't put your ..."
energy in my dance space
heel down
reputation ahead of your principles
12 of 15Finish the quote!
Baby: "Me? I'm scared of ..."
making a fool of myself!
13 of 15Finish the quote!
Marjorie Houseman: "It's his first real ..."
attempt at public speaking
credit card
vacation in six years
14 of 15Finish the quote!
Baby: "Stay away from my sister, or I'll ..."
wipe you out!
have you fired!
15 of 15Finish the quote!
Lisa Houseman: "Where is my beige ..."
beach towel?
iridescent lipstick?
car coat?
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