Quiz: Only 1 in 50 Southerners Can Pass This Slang Challenge. Can You?

pop culture, culture

Southern words, phrases, and sayings. Are you up for the challenge?

Quiz on southern language. Southern words and slang. Challenge southern words and phrases to see how southern you really are

 Dec 21, 2016

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horse, animals
"Hold your horses" means:
Get back out there!
Be patient
Try harder

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aunt bee, Andy Griffith Show, movies/tv
How do you pronounce "aunt"?
Rhymes with the word 'want'
Like the word 'ant'

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caramel, melted caramel, food & drinks
How do you pronounce "caramel"?
I use them both
Two syllables ("car-mul")
Three syllables ("car-a-mel")

4 of 12Pick your answer!

"Tan my hide" means:
Getting a spanking
Getting a sun tan
Trick you

5 of 12Pick your answer!

Fried Green Tomatoes
"She’s as smart as all get out" means:
She's extremely smart
She is smart only during the school year
She's not very intelligent

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country, farm, culture
If you are living in "high cotton" that means you are ___________
living on a small farm
living in fear
particularly successful or wealthy

7 of 12Pick your answer!

The Money Pit, movies/tv
If something is "catawampus" it must be ______________
far away
not straight, or skewed
full of water

8 of 12Pick your answer!

gone with the wind
"Bless Your Heart" is usually followed by a(n) ___________

9 of 12Pick your answer!

gone with the wind
"I don't give a hoot or a holler!" means _____________
You are being very quiet
You couldn't care less
You don't want to say anything

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texas, beyonce, jessica simpson, cow boy hat
When someone is "piddling" they are:
Instigating a fight
Going really fast
Taking a long time

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pecan, nuts, food & drinks
How do you pronounce pecan?

12 of 12Pick you answer!

Southern, women, pop culture, movies/tv, culture
What is an "Arkansas toothpick"?
A toothpick made from pecan wood
A Very skinny woman
A Large Knife
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