Quiz: Only 1 in 50 People Can Ace This "Friends" Challenge. Can You?


You must decide! You must decide! Even though I made it up you must decide!

10 random facts about the characters from Friends that only true fanatics should get right! Find out if you are a true fan!

 Jan 20, 2018
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food & drinks, home
What is the strange ingredient in the trifle cake that Rachel makes on Thanksgiving?
Jelly Beans
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Friends, movies/tv
Which lame nick name does Ross want everyone to adopt?
The Rossatron
The Rossinator
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Rachel hair cut, Friends
Warner Bros. Television
What is the name of Chandlers ex-roomate?
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pop culture, culture, home, health, neat freak
Why wont Monica let Phoebe massage her?
She has a nasty mole on her back
Phoebe is too expensive
She makes sex noises during massages
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Which two characters were stealing a cake from an old lady in their building?
Chandler and Rachel
Monica and Rachel
Joey and Chandler
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Friends, movies/tv
Which member of the gang beat up Ross when he was a kid?
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label maker, monica, Friends, movies/tv
When Chandler and Joey receive mail, to whom is the name addressed to?
Chanandler Bong
Miss Chanandler Bong
Chandler Bing
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Friends, TV Shows, movies/tv
What language does Joey claim to speak on his resume?
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What does Chandler's father do for a living?
Drag show performer
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What type of car does Phoebe drive every once in a while?
Taxi cab
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