Quiz: Only 1 In 50 People Can Ace This Backstreet Boy Test. Can You?

backstreet boys
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Do you think your knowledge is "Larger Than Life"?

Trivia quiz about your favorite band the Backstreet Boys. One of the best Grammy bands of all time. Test how well you know them.

 Mar 01, 2020

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What boyband rivaled BSB?
98 Degrees

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What documentary did BSB release in 2015?
You Were The One
Show 'Em What You're Made Of
We're Back!

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What Seth Rogan movie did the band make a cameo in?
Funny People
This Is The End

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Which Backstreet Boy is the most sexual?
Kevin R.
Howie D.
Nicky C.
A.J. M
Brian L.

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What two members are related?
Kevin & Brian
Nick & AJ
Howie & Brian

6 of 15Pick your answer!

What album was "Larger Than Life" on?
Black & Blue
Never Gone

7 of 15Pick your answer!

Which song are these lyrics from? "Baby, baby the love that we had was so strong"
"Quit Playin' Games (With My Heart)"
"As Long as You Love Me"
"Shape Of My Heart"

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Which BSB had the original pony tail?
Kevin Richardson
Howie D.
A. J. McLean

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Which album came first, "Never Gone" or "Millennium"?
Never Gone, duh
Trick question! They came out at the same time
Millenium, silly

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"Is this the feeling I need to walk with, tell me why I can't be there where you are"
Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)
Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely
Backstreet's Back

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The Backstreet Boys youngest member is ________________
Nick Carter
Brian Littrell
Howie D.

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The Backstreet Boy's first album after their two-year hiatus in the early '00s was?
Never Gone
This is Us

13 of 15Pick your answer!

Who was the first member to leave the band?
Brian Littrel
Kevin Richardson
Howie Dorough

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The Backstreet Boys come from what city?
Los Angeles

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What song was about cheating?
Shape of My Heart
I Need You Tonight
The Call
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