Why Is Kylie Jenner Posting On Instagram About FashionNova Jeans?

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Kylie Jenner FashionNova Jeans

Out of nowhere, Fashion Nova Jeans (a new LA based fashion brand) seems to have erupted on social media (Instagram) by gaining new followers with Kylie Jenner and Amber Rose Ads. This body-con brand is centered on Kardashian/Jenner bodies - voluptuous, sexy clothing options.

FashionNova Jeans Review


Who doesn't want to look like Kylie Jenner in those FashionNova Jeans? But does a pair of jeans that cost $34.99 really make your booty look that good (smh).

We decided to scour the web for FashionNova Jeans Reviews and here is what we found:

"Getting into these jeans was like stuffing a butternut squash into a condom. They are SO. TIGHT." According to Marissa Pina at Revelist

"The only things I really purchased with confidence were their jeans, which work really well for those with smaller waists and larger thighs and rear ends. But you can get those jeans from others retailers. What's worse youtube is filled with customer service horror stories, from people's items never been shipped, store credit only being offered instead of a refund in this case, and my favorite, Fashion nova deleting people's comments from their Instagram" - Emma O. on Yelp

Fashion Nova High Tide Jeans Review


According to blogger [MakeUpByRenRen}(http://www.makeupbyrenren.com/2015/08/fashionnova-haul-and-review.html), she tried on a couple of FashionNova Jeans and gave them her honest review. Here is what she said,

"These jeans were a little pricier at $39.99 and I also got a size 9. I was so surprised because these jeans fit much looser than the previous pair. They've got more stretch and are in general bigger. As a short person I don't have a problem with these being too long size they're so fitted that they tend to bunch at the bottom. I like the casual medium blue rinse and fading of this denim - you can dress them up or down."

Kylie Jenner & Fashion Nova


Khloe Kardashian & Fashion Nova


Kim Kardashian & Fashion Nova


Kourtney Kardashian & Fashion Nova


There are also a bunch of other celebrities that are rocking Fashion Nova and promoting it on instagram! Fashion Nova has done the (practially) impossible by creating followers out of the influencers that everyone else follows!

Amber Rose & Fashion Nova


Katerina Berezhna & Fashion Nova



Color Me Nae And Fashion Nova



Tammy Hembrow & Fashion Nova



Kylie has always been pushing the envelope on fashion (paid and unpaid), check out her Christina Aguilera halloween costume (in case you're looking for inspiration)!