What Sheryl Sandberg Wears To Work

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Sheryl Sandberg (and her wardrobe) commands respect and authority at Facebook and what she wears to work/her outfit is important. Here are her work outfits that make it look so easy to run the world.

How To Dress Like The COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg:

Sheryl Sandberg is the most powerful woman at Facebook and what she wears to work is part of her authority, respect, and brand. When she walks into 1 Hacker Way in Menlo Park, CA and her outfit is on-point, and business appropriate, and yet comfortable, her ability to do her job is exponentially greater. Sandberg has said, "Being confident and believing in your own self-worth is necessary to achieving your potential." Confidence, in part, can be created by looking good and feeling good. In fact, according to these pictures, her outfit has little to do with her ability to do her job (duh) but it does allow her to do her job in style and in comfort.

Sandberg Work Clothes: Day-to-Night Dress


Sheryl understands that less is more. By having a go-to dress that can transition from meeting-heavy work days, to cocktail parties or dinner with heads of business, you leave the headspace for work, and not for whether your outfit is putting people off.

Tailored Work Blazer


You can professionalize any outfit simply by slipping on a well tailored blazer or jacket. Even if you never actually wear the jacket while at your desk, you can simply have it draped over you chair in case the office AC is cranking or if you have a last-minute meeting with your boss.

Blouse and Cardigan Combo


No need to dress in a stiff collared shirt to showcase your confidence. Sandberg always pairs a feminine, layered blouse with a soft, structured sweater or cardigan. Just because she looks like she could be your best friend doesn't mean she's not going to bring the hammer down in the next meeting.

Knee High Boots


Classy, knee high boots are classy and comfortable. Just don't wear them thigh-high (hello Pretty Woman), and leave the extras (lace, fringe, gems) at home.

Monochromatic Ensemble


Patterns are fun and youthful right up until they look like a table cloth. Monochromatic, clean lined outfits are simple, classy, and show that you mean business.

Work Sweaters


Just like her monochromatic palette, Sandberg rocks a solid sweater at work. No Mr Rogers sweater though. They are modern, youthful, and don't look too stuffy.

Work Black Dress


When Diane Sawyer is coming to work, you rock the classic black dress. Tan YSL heels also tone the potentially-evening look down to a safe-work wear outfit that showcases the high pressure meeting.

Leather Jackets


Just because Sheryl runs a $300 billion dollar company doesn't mean she can't rock a leather jacket when Facebook has their public IPO. This edgy, fresh look shows the fun side of Sandberg.

Red Dress


Understanding your audience is what makes successful people so smart. When you are in Tokyo, and meeting with senior executives, looking powerful, classy, and all-business in important. Wearing red can incite passion but pairing it with a friendly smile and no-nonsense business acumen is a winning combination.

Nautical Colors


Sandberg and billionaire boyfriend Bobby Kotick look confident, comfortable, and totally cool in their navy and white outfits. Classic colors are always accepted and never go out of style.


Not all of us work in billion dollar tech juggernauts, nor do we work hand-in-hand with Mark Zuckerberg. Sheryl Sandberg makes running the operations of Facebook look stylish, comfortable, and totally #workuniform goals.


But then again, when you're worth $1.1 Billion dollars and Vogue features you on their cover, you can wear a gown or pajamas everyday to work. Go Sheryl!