What Do The Different Color Cars On Snapchat Map Mean?

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Why is Snap Map car blue or red or yellow?

What Do The Different Color Cars On Snapchat Map Mean?

Earlier today, Snapchat Snap Map has updated the colors of the cars being driven by a moving user. This has caused many users to wonder: what do the different color cars on Snapchat mean?

At the present time, it looks as if the color choices are randomly assigned by Snapchat. So, whether you have a blue car, a red car, or a yellow car, Snapchat seems to be assigning the Snap Map car colors at random. That being said, we are definitely excited about the new colors being added to our SnapMaps and hope that soon we'll have the options to deck ourselves out with personalized bitmoji cars on Snapchat.

How To Change The Color Of Your Snapchat Car

Unfortunately, at this time you cannot personalize the color of your Snapchat Bimoji car yourself. Check back soon though, we'll be sure to let you know the second you can manually change the color of your Snapchat car on your own!