Moms Tell Us Their Weirdest Mother's Day Gifts And We're Dying


Mother's Day rolls around every year during the month of May and yet it still strikes anxiety into the hearts of children and dads alike. What could you possibly buy her that conveys the love and appreciation you feel for her? Which Hallmark card will say just the right thing? Do you get her chocolates, flowers, handwritten cards, or all three? Turns out, you can quiet your fears about failing your mother on Mother's Day because these 8 stories failed for you. Check out the weirdest (and worst) Mother's Day gifts we've ever heard of. Enjoy!

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"My husband gave his mother a toilet plunger. Which is weird because he is excellent at giving gifts to me!

I now shop for all gifts on his side of the family."

-- Potatonitelight

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"My first Mother's Day as a new mom.

My (now ex) boyfriend presented me with a lotto scratch-off and a used glass pipe. I was working full time and breastfeeding, so I had no use for a glass piece. I did win $5 on the scratch-off, but my ex took it, and the bowl and bought himself a nugget of weed with my $5 and disappeared for the rest of the day to smoke and drink with his friends."

-- RiverSong42

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"Not a mom, but gave my mom a paper mache pencil holder in Kindergarten. It was a blue blob of newspaper. I made the holes for the pencils by stabbing it repeatedly with a pencil. When the blob dried, all the holes shrunk so no pencils would actually fit.

I gave my mom an useless blue blob of old, hardened newspaper...she still has it over three decades later."

-- Dahaole

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"I gave my mother fake chocolates once. Every mothers day we had to make a craft in class and for some reason my teacher had the genius idea to make fake chocolates. She provided some old empty chocolate boxes and we had to make "chocolate" out of clay, paint them brown and put them in the box. So my mom thought they were actual chocolates until she opened the box. I don't think I've ever seen her look more disappointed."

-- trowaway8293234

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"I got a half dead looking, clearance, annual potted plant from Home Depot. My husband took off in the morning with our kid to do man things (silly me thought maybe they had some plot to do something nice) and clearly discovered that it was mother's day while they were there and brought me home that gem. I pretended I loved it, planted it with loving care in a nice ceramic pot and watched it slowly die despite my efforts to keep it alive."

-- incognito_mama

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"Not a mom, but I gave my mother a card one year that said mother-in-law all over it.

Pretty sure that's the worst thing she's ever gotten. I still get made fun of for it about 10 years later."

-- Hoarfrost6

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"My first Mother's Day and my second -

On the first one, I was very pregnant with our son. Our neighbor's got me a Mother's Day card. My ex said - why, you aren't a Mom yet.

On the second one - my ex said, I didn't get you anything since you aren't my Mom.

Notice that he's now my ex-husband.

ETA: This is one of my best ones. I had to sit on the porch and drink coffee with I woke up. While I was out there, my kids cleaned the house and made a picture of me out of bacon. I also got strawberries in a pretty glass with whipped cream. Then, we planted our veggie garden and flower pots. Finally, we mowed the lawn. 10 and 12 year olds rock!"

-- 1004srs

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"Ex husband got me a $400 turbo flush toilet. I'm not an epic shitter, never said anything about wanting or needing a tall commode with a forceful flush, but that's what I got. our kid was 3, I was pissed, bummed and shocked, but that thing was pretty grand. Every once in awhile I miss it since I've moved."

-- ----feelingporny----