This Australian Man Is On A Mission To Save Every Single Dog In The World

His story is truly inspiring.

Ryan Anderson from Australia is the self-proclaimed "world's biggest dog lover" (and officially my favorite person) and also refers to himself as a "crazy dog lady man". Those are two pretty big statements – but when you take a look at how Ryan's life is devoted to dogs and foster pets, it's pretty safe to say that he lives up it.

He works as a full-time animal welfare inspector at the RSPCA, the Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Even when Ryan has a day off, he spends most of his spare time volunteering for animal organizations and also fosters pets in his home until they find a new home.

"I started out just volunteering on weekends with various rescue groups, attending events, fostering dogs, transporting animals and donating, and now I also promote rescue dog events, fundraisers, adoptable animals through my social media as well as educational posts for promoting responsible dog ownership," he said.

Ryan's love and adoration for dogs began when he started meeting more and more dogs. He tasked himself with a mission: To see as many different dogs as he could. Ryan quickly realized that although many dogs have a caring family, there were still a lot of dogs that needed a home and simply needed to be saved. He quickly strengthened his mission. Instead of meeting all the dogs, Ryan wanted to "spread compassion and awareness about rescue dogs" across the world.

"Initially, I was just out on a personal mission to get a photo with every different dog breed in the world," Ryan said.

"However, as it gained more traction, my sidekick Rottweiler, Goose, and I decided to help better educate the general public in regards to responsible pet ownership and promote rescue dogs through social media as the first option for people in the market for a new dog, and thus, ‘Aussie Dog Guy' was created."

Ryan's nickname of Aussie Dog Guy quickly spread on the internet, and on his Instagram account in particular. Every now and then, Ryan shares pictures of him with dogs that he just met – all while traveling the world and spreading the word about the importance of dog rescue.

You can read on Ryan's face that he simply adores interacting with dogs and pups – and he's pretty fond of cats as well!

"Not only is it my full-time job to work with rescue animals, it is also my passion and hobby," he said. "I live and breathe dogs."

"The less dogs I own the more I can foster is my motto. My favorite part would definitely be the moment one of your foster dogs finds his forever home."

"It's sad to say goodbye, but it opens up a new spot for another foster to join the family."

Ryan still has one large dream. One day, he wants to have his own rescue organization or a farm to give long-term rescue dogs a new home. He describes it a sort of rescue retreat that doesn't place time restraints on animals.

His whole life, Ryan has cared for rescue animals both professionally and in his spare time – and he's not planning on stopping anytime soon.

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