The Signs As Girlfriends

This is too true!

Aries: keeps it real, adventurous, not usually "lovey dovey", don't touch her unless she touches you first

Taurus: honest, will laugh at all your jokes, tries her best, compliment how she looks

Gemini: awkward at times, still very cute, charming, call her a cute pet names sometimes

Cancer: makes sure you're happy, SUPER clingy, can be cheesy, cuddle with her every chance you get

Leo: wild, wants to have fun, wants to be the best for you, grab her waist and kiss her

Virgo: can be shy, shares all her interests, lowkey, hold her hand

Libra: flirty, spontaneous, a bit insecure, always find time to makeout

Scorpio: always herself, finds things that makes both of you happy, high sex drive, kiss her randomly

Sagittarius: cute, uses humor to skip the awkwardness, likes doing coupley things, surprise her with hugs from behind

Capricorn: serious about relationships, faithful, highkey, grab her thigh and she will melt

Aquarius: just wants to be treated right, loves little surprises, wants to makeout, play with her hair and she'll love you forever

Pisces: very chill, wants you to remember the little things, make her blush, touch her butt and she'll be happy

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ht: WTFZodiacSigns