Rosé Lollipops by Quin Candy That Will Make You Scream "Yes Way Rosé"

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Rosé Lollipops by Quin Candy

Quin Candy

Does the idea of summer ending soon depress the sunshine right out of you? Us too. Thankfully Quin Candy has created a brilliant Rosé Lollipop that will placate any early onset SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and make you say, I'll have another!

These insanely clever candies make us realize that we need to invent more. Now that Ta Ta Towels and Rosé lollipops have been created, we need to go and create the smartphone app that tracks your hair's greasiness.

Jami Curl - Portland Magic Maker

Jami Curl is the Portland, Oregon based magic (aka candy) maker from our dreams who created Quin Candy and wrote, Candy is Magic. Jamie refuses to use any fake ingredients when spinning dreams into reality for creations like fruity/chewy Dreams Come Chew and Smoked Cola Gumdrops.

To make the famous Rose Lollipops, Quin Candy partnered with Union Wine Company to infuse the treats with real wine (yay)! Union Wine makes the wine and then Quin makes sweet love to the elixir and transforms them into Lollis.

Quin Candy Magic

Other magical candy creations by Quin!

💥💥 sparkling candy 💥💥 now available in 🍒, 🍊, and LIME (link up top!) #candyismagic

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These Rose Lollipops are the perfect gift for the wine lover in your life, or even just to have on your coffee table for that sweet tooth type moment during a bingefest of The Bachelor. All hale the magical hands of Quin!