Robin Wright's Neck Shouldn't Be A Google Search (It's Beautiful)

Robin Wright neck House of Cards 2017

Robin Wright's neck is the subject of many reddit discussions and google searches. We have the truth about Claire Underwood's neck here!

Is There A Hole In Claire Underwood (Robin Wright's) Neck?

Robin Wright's neck is the subject of many google searches but the Moneyball and House of Cards star is nothing short of stunning and there is nothing wrong with her neck. No, Robin Wright's neck is not the product of a tracheotomy, it's simply more defined because she is thin and getting (a little) older.

Aging skin appears thinner, paler, and clear (translucent) and changes in the connective tissue reduce the skin's strength and elasticity. Therefore, given that Robin Wright's age in 2017 is 51 (DOB April 8, 1966), her naturally thin frame exposes her breastbone is more clearly seen.

Robin Wright House Of Cards 2017

Now that we have Robin Wright's neck rumor cleared up. Let's spend time talking about how elegant and beautiful she is in House of Cards 2017!