Pet Cremation: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Pet Cremation

As a pet owner, I know first hand the special relationship between pets and human parents. And nobody can deny the difficulty that comes with losing this special relationship.

1. Why Cremate Your Pet?

Cremation is the fastest method available to return your pet to its natural state * It's clean * Safe * Environmentally Friendly * Portable. When you move you need not worry about leaving your pets behind.

2. How Much Does Cremation Cost?

The overall cost of cremating your pet depends on several factors:

The type of pet * Weight and/or size * The chosen type of cremation (communal, partitioned, or private) * Any special services, such as home pick up * The urn or other memorial product you select * Specific costs may vary, but the guidelines below will give you an idea of the average cost depending on the factors involved.

Type and Size

  • Pet crematories partially base their rates on the relative size of the pet being cremated. * Pocket pets (hamsters, birds, reptiles, etc.) are the smallest and least expensive to cremate.
  • Large pets (goats, pigs, horses, etc.) are the most expensive to cremate.
  • Some crematories may charge as little as $35 to cremate a pocket pet, while the cost of cremating a horse may range anywhere from $300 to $1500.

Type of Cremation Method

  • For dogs and cats, the main factor influencing the price for basic cremation services depends upon whether you choose communal, partitioned, or private cremation.
  • Prices will vary by location, but a general starting point is $75-150.

3. What is Pet Cremation Jewelry?

Angel Pet Cremation Jewelry

Pet Cremation Jewelry and pet keepsake pendants can keep your loved pet close to your heart, memorial funeral pet ash pendants are a new trend.

4. Pet Cremation Urns

Pay tribute to your loyal friend with a Pet Cremation Urn for their ashes. Pet urns are typically available in four sizes and come in a range of designs. You can also get a paw print urn that does not resemble your typical Urn. Many of these pet-themed cremation urns can be personalized by adding the name of your four-legged pal.

Typically cremation urns are available for the ashes of dogs, cats, and other pets weighing up to 115 pounds prior to cremation.

5. "Is there pet cremation near me?"

Typically, the first place we turn in a crisis is to google. Whether your looking for a place to cremate your loyal friend or if you're just looking for basic facts. Yelp, google reviews, and even your local Vet will help you find a place near you.