Passengers Booted Off Delta Flight For Harassing Ivanka Trump

A man's husband live tweeted his verbal attack on Ivanka Trump.

The husband of the Jet Blue passenger who was kicked off a flight Thursday morning seemingly confirmed on Twitter that the man set out to "harass" Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner.

Hunter College professor Matthew Lasner tweeted (and then deleted) the following.

("Banality of evil" is a term coined by journalist Hannah Arendt to refer to the cold, uncaring nature that allowed Nazi official Adolf Eichmann to oversee the Holocaust.)

Shortly afterward, Lasner then claimed that his husband actually only spoke in a "calm tone." That tweet was also deleted.

TMZ reports that the Lasner's husband was "out-of-control." They also posted an image of Ivanka on the plane that came from Lasner's Twitter, but appears to have been deleted as well. In a statement, Jet Blue defended kicking the man off the flight and seemed to suggest that his tone may have not been all that "calm."

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