On Bumble Can Someone See If You Screenshot Their Profile?

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Did he see that I screenshotted his profile?

Can Someone See If You Screenshot On Bumble?

We're all well aware of the benefits of the female empowering Bumble dating app. But that doesn't mean we know the app rules 100%. One aspect in particular often can suddenly cause fear and horror: can someone see if you screenshot their Bumble??? Whether you're trying to show off the new cutie you're talking to, or you need advice on what to say next, sometimes you just need to share a Bumble screenshot! But before you snap that cutie or that convo, it's important to know if Bumble alerts someone if you take a screenshot.


Can Someone See If You Screenshot Their Bumble Profile?

So many of us have feared that on Bumble someone can see if you screenshot their profile. Does tinder let that hottie know that you've screenshotted their profile, probably just to send to your bestie and brag about your latest match? Or maybe even to send of a quick snap of your ex and his ridiculous Bumble profile? Well, lucky for all of us, the answer is no. Bumble does not send any sort of screenshotting alerts. Apps like Snapchat and even now Instagram DMs, have us all screenshot weary these days, but on dating apps, for the moment, we're safe - as someone cannot see if you screenshot their bumble profile.

On Bumble Can Someone See If You Screenshot The Conversation?

Again, for the time being, Bumble does not alert someone if you screenshot the messages the two of you have been having. Bumble does not tell that cutie that you took a screenshot of the conversation, and also bumble does not notify someone if you take a screenshot of their profile.

So, little bumble bees, go ahead and screenshot away!


For more information on all of Bumble's policies, visit the Bumble FAQ page. Good luck out there, ladies!

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