Ngahra Frisbie: 7 Facts You Need To Know About Adam West's Ex Wife

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Ngahra Frisbie, Adam West's 2nd wife, was a young, beautiful Tahitian dancer and also, the daughter of a famous author.

Unless you've been living under a Batman-less rock, you've heard of Adam West, the original Bruce Wayne in Batman.

The handsome actor was married three times (Billie Lou Yeager: 27 August 1950 - 1956), Ngahra Frisbie (1957 - 1962), and Marcelle Lear (7 November 1970 - 9 June 2017) but the question stands out, who is Ngahra Frisbie?

So who exactly is Ngahra Frisbie, the woman whom Adam West was married to from 1957 to 1962? Here are the 7 facts you need to know about her!

1. Her Full Name is Ngatokoruaimatauaia Frisbie Dawson

Despite her authentic, beautiful (yet hard to pronounce name), Adam called her "Nga" for short, and she became known as Nga Frisbie Dawson.

Nga was raised in Hawaii, and this is where she would ultimately meet Adam West.

2. She Was Originally From Tahiti

Nga's Father was originally from Ohio, but moved to the South Pacific to write. In his writings, he focused on Polynesia, with his first notable work being The Book of Puka Puka, which is about Pukapuka, a coral atoll located in the Cook Islands. He met his wife there, with whom he had five children

3. She Was A Tahitian Dancer

Adam West and Ngahra Frisbie met in the 1950s, during the period of Adam West's life in which he was living in Hawaii. The reason he was in Hawaii (Oahu) was he had landed a role in the TV series El Kini Popo Show.

4. Her Father Was Robert Dean Frisbie, a Travel Writer

He was best known for his book, The Book of Puka Puka, published in 1929 by The Century Company. His book related the tale of Frisbie's eternal search for solitude on the far-flung Northern Cook atoll of Pukapuka.

5. They Had Two Children: Jonelle and Hunter

With Frisbie, he would have two children, Jonelle and Hunter, before moving back to the mainland and pursuing an acting career in Hollywood in 1958.

6. She Left Adam West in 1962

The exact conditions under which they were divorced are not known, but according to The Independent, Nga left Adam in 1962.

7. Jonelle & Hunter (Their Daughter & Son): Stayed In The Biz

Jonelle, alias Janelle, is a Hollywood production assistant and stunt double and worked on high profile productions, such as: The Italian Job, The Ring 2, and Flicka.

Hunter, a filmography specialist, works in special effects on The Rock and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III.