New Research: Losing A Pet Is As Devasting As Losing A Family Member

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We never doubted it for a second 😢

Grieving the loss of a loved one rocks us to the core. Even the sheer thought of losing someone we love leaves us speechless and frozen in sadness. For those of us with a loved one who walk on four legs and is covered in fur, those devastating emotions are the same. A new research study shows that the loss of an animal can have as profound an effect as the death of a human family member. But we didn't need a study to prove this, did we?

This new study is proving the connection between man and his (her) best friend is as strong as it seems, with the results showing that humans are just as traumatized by the death of a pet as the death of a human family member.

When it comes to a pet's final days, the time is traumatizing to the entire family. The loss of the loved furry one weighs even heavier with women, with 71% of females reporting bereavement of a family animal is just as devastating as a relative.

Men, on the other hand, play the cards a little closer to the chest and only 55 % of the men polled admitted they were equally devastated over pet deaths as they are with human deaths.

Knowing that pets life expectancy is shorter than human lives, we should all hug and cuddle our furry loved ones a little closer and a little longer tonight. Our furry family members truly hold a special place in our heart and in our family trees.

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