Last Night's Episode Of Grey's Anatomy Broke Us.

And we have a theory who was doing the breaking... and it isn't Shonda.

Last night, as usual, the Shondaland team brought the drama. However, last night, as not so usually, they packed almost an entire season's worth of insanity into a one-hour episode that basically gave us heart palpitations, and it wasn't even the finale!! Shonda how are you gonna play us like that?!

I don't know about you but I'm going to need a cardio god of my own on standby for next week's finale if it's anything like a repeat of last night. Of course, we are not the only ones feeling upset, lost, angry, confused, heartbroken, devastated, and pretty much all the other negative emotions. Twitter is firing back with a vengeance, and they gave us a pretty interesting theory about why tonight's episode was more destructive than usual...


We knew this one was coming, but that still didn't make it hurt any less.


Nothing has ever been more real.

Ron, this is your fault for ever doubting Shonda's powers.

It's not Ron's fault.. sorry Ron.

The new official definition of the term 'insanity'

Even Merriam Webster is upset over last night's episode.

The most Shonda thing to ever be Shonda'd by Shonda.

The world may as well be ending.

When we thought we might loose Alex... again.

We have a theory about where all this drama came from.

Last Week On Grey's...


It's over the top and over-dramatic, which is exactly why it must be true.

What do you think!?

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