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What's actually your spirit animal?

Influence of the number 8


Myanmar or Burmese astrology is based on the numeric 8. As per Burmese scholars, Number 8 possesses great cosmic balance and resonates a frequency of divine equilibrium. Number 8 in Burmese astrology reflects energy harmony, a number that reflects imbalance and promotes agreeable atmosphere.

The Burmese astrological calendar is based on an 8 day week and assigns zodiac signs dependant on the day of the week a person was born.

In order to split our modern understanding of weeks into an 8-day cycle, Burmese astrologers split the day Wednesday in two.

Without further adieu, here is your animal sign!

8 Animal Zodiac Signs - Which are you?


Burmese astrology uses eight cardinal directions. Each direction has its own unique vibration and symbolic energy. As per this system of astrology, one's day of birth and their cardinal direction is very beneficial for them. Unlike sun signs, this form of astrology has animal zodiac signs and these are also eight in number. To understand which animal zodiac sign you fall under, all you need to know is the day of the week on which you were born:

The Garuda - Born on A Sunday


The Garuda, a mythical bird found in the folklores of India and Burma, is highly revered. It is also first animal zodiac sign in Burmese astrology. The day of the week is Sunday. So if you were born on a Sunday, you belong to the Garuda zodiac animal sign. Ruled by the sun, its ruling cardinal direction is Northeast. Garudas are kind and generous by nature. They can appear to be overly gracious as well. But they love a good challenge and the tougher it is, the more motivated they are to achieve it. They are energetic and don't let the lows of life get to them. They are good mentors and inspire others

The Tiger - Born on a Monday


Second in line in the Burmese astrology chart, the day of the week resonating with the feline is Monday. Ruled by the Moon, their ruling cardinal direction is East.

Highly alert, intuitive and intelligent, Tigers have an eye for detail. They patient and strong but it is best not to rub them the wrong way. They hate being taken advantage of and hate people who waste their time. They are focused and goal-oriented. They respect laws and are responsible by nature.

The Lion - Born on a Tuesday


Born on a Tuesday, this day of the week represents the Lion. Ruled by Mars and ruled by the cardinal direction of Southeast, the Lion is a born leader. True to its role in nature, the king of the jungle is noble, holding their head high with pride, honour and dignity. They are very strong-willed, almost always right and highly opinionated. They love a good challenge.

The Tusked Elephant - Born On A Wednesday Morning


The fourth day, i.e. Wednesday's first half is represented by the mighty tusked elephant. Ruled by Mercury, its ruling cardinal direction is south. They happy-go-lucky, enthusiastic creatures who love to take risks and enjoy a dash of danger in their lives. They are passionate by nature and this gets them a lot of attention. They are independent folks who love to be in control of everything they do.

The Elephant - Born On A Wednesday Afternoon


As per the Burmese daily calendar, the day of Wednesday is split into two. The half represents the Elephant with no tusks. Ruled by Rahu, the shadow planet, its ruling cardinal sign is Northwest. Individuals born under the no-tusk elephant animal zodiac sign are contradictory in nature. It is difficult to decipher what really plays on their mind. They are very private and hate interference. They are great at marketing their talents. They will take action but only if they are completely sure of it. They make successful business owners and work on their own terms.

The Rat - Born On A Thursday


Born on a Thursday, the Rat is ruled by the planet Jupiter. It's cardinal ruling direction West. Rats are witty, intelligent and very clever as well as quick. They are resourceful and very opportunistic. They are introverts but are unstoppable once they get into the groove. They are ambitious and driven and have a way to stay ahead of everyone.

The Guinea Pig - Born On A Saturday


Born on a Friday, this day is ruled by Guinea Pigs. Their ruling planet is the Venus and their cardinal ruling direction is the North. They are artistic and imaginative by nature. They are innovative and have great ideas. However, they are indecisive as they want something new each time. They are sympathetic, kind and loving. They make great friends as they are sensitive to others' feelings.

The Dragon - Born On A Saturday


Born on the last day of the week, Saturday, the Dragon is ruled by Saturn and its ruling cardinal direction is Southwest. They have a philosophical bent of mind and are very understanding. People are attracted to them easily as they ooze self-confidence, have a great sense of humour and have a positive vibe about them. They prefer to work in isolation and believe they can do their tasks best.

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