The 4 Best Ketogenic Diet Books With Big Pictures & Yummy Recipes


"The Magic Pill" - Ketogenic Netflix Documentary

In 2017, Netflix started streaming a documentary on the Ketogenic Diet and I finally got around to watching it last night. The documentary explains how our modern day lifestyle: packaged foods, non-fat everything, sugar-laden "health foods" is making us very sick, and even killing us. Our current food eating habits are actually depriving the body of essential nutrients and the proper support to fuel brain function, and it highlights the ketogenic diet β€” one that focuses on animal proteins and healthy fats.

"The Magic Pill" follows four families and their health struggles. Throughout the 90 minute docu, the health experts help the families clean house, literally, throwing away all of their processed foods and revamping how they think and eat. During the film, I was half-way tempted to start throwing away all the foods in my cupboards but I settled myself and finished the documentary before making any drastic changes. The two things I did takeaway from the film is this: processed foods and sugar are bad for us and we are making ourselves sick by eating this garage.

The Twittersphere has been blowing up with converts to the ketogenic lifestyle, and even Halle Berry is trending after discussing her keto lifestyle with People magazine.

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The Hunt For The Best Keto Cookbooks

After I finished watching "The Magic Pill", I immediately started googling "best Ketogenic diet books" and surprisingly, didn't find what I was looking for. Yes, there are best of lists for Keto books but all of the links I clicked dove into the deep science of Ketosis and frankly, I just wanted a cookbook with lots of pictures and easy to prepare recipes. Alas, I have written this article after finding the great ketogenic diet cookbooks and I hope you find value in them as well. Please comment below if you have a Keto cookbook that you love!

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1. Easy Keto Dinners by Carolyn Ketchum

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