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There's a well known 'trick' for getting bonus card packs when you purchase Hearthstone card packs through the Amazon Store (hello amazon coins). The promotion comes and go so be sure to check often!

Amazon Coins Hearthstone Discounts!

Save up to 25% on Hearthstone in-app cards by purchasing Amazon Coins (Every 100 Amazon Coins = $1). The more you buy, the greater the discount.

Don't pay full price ever again for Hearthstone cards. The secret is to watch Amazon Coin discounts and buy when they go on sale. I always check back to Amazon to see if my coins are on sale because my mama taught me, "A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned". Hee Hee.

Also, you can download Hearthstone straight from Amazon in their brand new Amazon App Store

50% Off Hearthstone Packs with Amazon Coins

First thing you gotta check is if your Amazon store carries Amazon Coins. Here are the most popular ones by country:

How do Amazon Coins Work On Hearthstone?

-Amazon Coins have a value ratio of 100 coins = $1. Different regions will have different rate. -When you buy Amazon Coins, the discount you get is dependent on the quantity of the coins you buy in one go. The bigger the bulk (more coins), the cheaper it is (less cost)! -Sometimes there's an additional bonus of Coin Back. You get coins back as soon as you spend it. The amount of coins you get back can be different depending on the promos Amazon is running. Sometimes you can get 20% back for a total saving of 40% (combine it with the 20% discount off coins)! A coin back deal where you gets a percentage of coins returned after spending them. More savings! -You use the Amazon Coins to purchase Hearthstone Card Packs and Hearthstone Adventures! -Be sure to check if you can use the Amazon Coins for Hearthstone for your Amazon Region first! It's confirmed for US, UK and Germany.

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Amazon Coin Discounts on Twitter

As I mentioned above, I really like to save money and I actively look for Amazon Coin Discounts. Twitter is a fabulous place to stay up to speed on the discount train.

Amazon Coin Discounts on Facebook

You can also follow Amazon Coin Discounts on Facebook. They don't post as often as I would like but you can see previous deals that they have run (to find out what dates they typically run promotions) and also connect with a community of like-minded amazon coin enthusiasts.