8 Inventions By Women That Everyone Assumes A Dude Built


Rosalind Franklin, DNA Discoverer

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So remember:

Too many times, women have been left out or written out of history. It is important for us, as a civilization, to remember the facts and as we stand on the "shoulders of giants," to understand that those giants aren't always white men.

In the current studio release, Hidden Figures, Octavia Spencer portrays one of three NASA mathematicians, who cannot believe that their fundamental contribution has been overlooked. Watch her interview on The Wrap.

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Ada Lovelace, Mother of Computer Programming & Algorithms

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Melba Roy Mouton, NASA Satellite Program Creator

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Lise Meitner, Lady of Nuclear Fission

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Candace Pert, Opioid Receptor Ideator

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Katherine Johnson, NASA's Human Computer

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Judy Malloy, GrandMama of Hypertext Fiction

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Hedy Lamarr, Movie Star By Day, Invented Early Wireless Technology By Night.