22 Animals Taking A Break Because Life Is Ruff


These are too precious

1. This big boy just had a very big day

2. Being born is really hard work

3. Dreaming of high fives

4. Little hampster - big dreams.

5. It was a ruff day

6. "No more playing, it's nap time"

7. The coziest position

8. "I need a blanket"

9. Asleep at the wheel

10. A recipe for disaster

11. Nope no work for you

12. Eating is exhausting

13. "It's comfortable, I promise, try it"

14. Nailed it

15. Playing hide and seek

16. "Wake me up when we get there"

17. "No mom I'm done."

18. It's tough being a city pup

19. Not your average cup of tea

20. "It's too bright in here!"

21. A beautifully designed T-shirt

22. Yup, that looks comfortable

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ht: Buzzfond