The Younger You Are, The Worse You'll Do On This History Quiz

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How much history have you lived through?

If you love challenges involving history trivia questions, then this one is right up your alley! Take this one now!

 Jan 09, 2021

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Which was the last U.S. state to join the country?
New Mexico

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What is National Bird of the United States?
Wild Turkey
Bald Eagle
Blue Jay

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Who is the Father of the American Navy?
John Barry
George Washington
Alexander Hamilton

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Where was John F. Kennedy assassinated?
Dallas, Texas
Chicago, Illinois
Boston, Massachusetts

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Which President gave the Gettysburg Address?
Abraham Lincoln
Martin Luther King Jr.
John F. Kennedy

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Which of the following is NOT one of the original 13 colonies?

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How many U.S. Presidents were assassinated in office?

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Which country was the leading Communist power in the Cold War?
The Soviet Union

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Who built and also flew the first successful airplane?
The Wright Brothers
The Smith Brothers
The Williams Brothers

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Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb.

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Who said: "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country"?
Richard Nixon
John F. Kennedy
Barack Obama

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How many Amendments are in the U.S Constitution?

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In which continent can you find Sierra Leone?

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Who was the first Western explorer to reach China?
Sam Hobbes
Ferdinand Magellan
Marco Polo

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The Revolutionary War was between America and _________.
Great Britain

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What was Prohibition?
Import control
The ban of alcohol
Denying women's right to vote

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Which President was an actor before he took office?
Bill Clinton
John Wayne
Ronald Regan

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Who spoke the famous line, "Give me liberty, or give me death!"?
Thomas Jefferson
Benjamin Franklin
Patrick Henry
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