Southern or Not? Most People Can't Pass This Southern Challenge

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If I had my druthers...

If you're a native of the South, then you will have no problem acing this quiz. Test your knowledge of Southern phrases and words!

 Apr 06, 2018

1 of 20Pick one!

Finish the phrase: "She's madder than a _________."
Wild boar
Black cow
Wet hen

2 of 20Pick one!

When you visit the South, the people are best known for their Southern __________.

3 of 20Pick one!

Complete the phrase: "It doesn't amount to a hill of _____"

4 of 20Pick one!

When you catch a lightning bug, it's usually stored in a _______.
Clear bag
Mason jar

5 of 20Pick one!

People who live above the Virginia line are referred to as:

6 of 20Pick one!

Which of the following phrases is used to denote if someone had his/her way?
If I had a piece of the pie
If I had my druthers
If the cows came home

7 of 20Pick one!

What's another word for remote control?
Chanel surfer
TV controller

8 of 20Pick one!

What do you call a shopping cart used at supermarkets?

9 of 20Pick one!

What are britches?
Mean old ladies
Casserole dish

10 of 20Pick one!

If someone is gussied up, that means they ______.
Dressed up
Took a leap of faith

11 of 20Pick one!

A koozie can be used for a:
Answer 3
Deep fryer
Neck support
Cold drink

12 of 20Pick one!

Okra is also know as ladies' fingers.

13 of 20Pick one!

If Lucy has gumption, what does she have?
Trust fund

14 of 20Pick one!

What is a hushpuppy?
A fried piece of cornmeal bread
A dog that never stops barking
A quiet person

15 of 20Pick one!

Where can you find a minnow?

16 of 20Pick one!

Which of the following means a dramatic loss of temper?
If I had my druthers
Hissy fit
Too big for britches

17 of 20Pick one!

What does the expression '"Three sheets to the wind" mean?

18 of 20Pick one!

Which of the following terms would you use to say that something is over there or at a distance?
Catty corner
Within a bird's eyeview
Over yonder

19 of 20Pick one!

Choose the closest meaning to 'I reckon.'
I predicted
I suppose
I declare

20 of 20Pick one!

What do you do when someone asks you to give them some sugar?
Give them a kiss
Give them something sweet
Give them a break
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