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 Jul 31, 2018
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Question: 1/18Choose the correct answer!

When are you suppose to remove the batteries from the smoke alarm?
Only after water comes out
When it makes a weird chirping sound
Never, unless it's time to change the batteries

Question: 2/18Choose the correct answer!

Smoke alarms should be replaced every 10 years.

Question: 3/18Choose the correct answer!

Where should smoke alarms be placed?
In the kitchen
By the main doorway
Every level of the house including inside the bedrooms

Question: 4/18Choose the correct answer!

Smoke alarms should be tested:
Every 6 months
Every month
Every year

Question: 5/18Choose the correct answer!

What's the leading cause of home fires?
Smoking materials
Cooking equipment
Heating equipment

Question: 6/18Choose the correct answer!

How often should you clean your clothes dryer vent?
Once every year
Once a month
Twice a year

Question: 7/18Choose the correct answer!

To escape a home fire safely, you have as little as?
1 minute
30 seconds
2 minutes

Question: 8/18Choose the correct answer!

What's the minimum number of escape routes household members should have?

Question: 9/18Choose the correct answer!

Half of home fire deaths happen between:
11pm - 7am

Question: 10/18Choose the correct answer!

Where do most fires that are caused by children start?
Living room

Question: 11/18Choose the correct answer!

Even when there are no signs of a fire, you should respond to every fire alarm as if it were real.

Question: 12/18Choose the correct answer!

Which of the following should you do if you are unable to evacuate a burning building?
Stay low under the smoke
Break windows
Open the doors and windows to let the smoke out

Question: 13/18Choose the correct answer!

Where should you aim a fire extinguisher nozzle when putting out a fire?
At the top of the fire
At the base of the fire
At the center of the fire

Question: 14/18Choose the correct answer!

Which of the following should you NOT do during a fire emergency?
Crawl low under the smoke while breathing only through your nose
Re-enter the building without the permission of authorities
Keep fire doors shut to prevent the fire from spreading

Question: 15/18Choose the correct answer!

When you discover a fire, what is the first thing you must do?
Get out of the building
Raise the alarm
Call the fire brigade

Question: 16/18Choose the correct answer!

A water fire extinguisher should only be used on?
Fires involving electricity
Fires involving gas
Solid fuel fires

Question: 17/18Choose the correct answer!

Which class of fire involves gases?

Question: 18/18Choose the correct answer!

Which of the following should you not use to put out a fire?
Metal lid
Baking soda
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