Quiz: You'll Only Pass This Slang Test On Your First Try If You're A Nurse

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Let's see if you could take a crack at one of the hardest, most important professions out there... Nursing!!!

This quiz will test your knowledge on the slang nurses use in hospitals, offices, and school, try to see if you can pass on the first try!

 Oct 08, 2017
1 of 15Pick one!
Someone who is high maintenance is said to have FMP aka __________ syndrome/
Family Means Pain
Fishing for More Pills
Fluff My Pillow
2 of 15Pick one!
An "FTF" aka __________ is someone who has a hard time getting discharged from the hospital.
Fracture Tailbone Femur
Friday to Friday
Failure to Fly
3 of 15Pick one!
When a patient is a rotator, that means ____.
They rotate nurses frequently
They're in and out of the facility
They can't stay put
4 of 15Pick one!
A 'Jack in the Box' patient means what?
A patient who can’t stand or walk yet insists on trying
A patient who reports new symptoms each time
A patient who loves to scare
5 of 15Pick one!
What does a doctor yell out before shocking a patient?
6 of 15Pick one!
What do you call a patient with multiple health problems?
Jack in the Box
7 of 15Pick one!
To shine a pen light in a patient’s mouth and see their eyes light up is called a:
Flashlight test
Lantern test
Firefly test
8 of 15Pick one!
When someone has a a jimmy leg, this means:
They have uneven leg lengths
They have a broken leg
They have shaky legs
9 of 15Pick one!
Pothole sign is a clinical sign of acute _______.
Chronic pain
10 of 15Pick one!
What does NPS stand for?
New Patient Syndrome
New Pediatric Syndrome
New Parent Syndrome
11 of 15Pick one!
What's a frequent flyer?
A patient who keeps falling down
A patient who always gets injured overseas
A regular patient in the hospital who often seeks medical attention
12 of 15Pick one!
Which of the following is a short medical slang for a sudden seizure attack?
13 of 15Pick one!
If you're a "vent jockey" then you are a what?
A speech therapist
Respiratory therapist
14 of 15Pick one!
What is appy short for?
15 of 15Pick one!
What do they call a female patient with no ID?
Jane Doe
UF (Unidentified Female)
Jackie Doe
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