Quiz: You'll Only Know 20/25 Of These Songs If You Were Born In The 80s

Don't you...forget about these 80s classics!

 Apr 10, 2017
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Question: 1/25Name the song!

Won't you come see about me? I'll be alone, dancing you know it baby
Don't You (Forget About Me)
If You Leave
Alive and Kicking

Question: 2/25Name the song!

I'm never gonna dance again. Guilty feet have got no rhythm.
Two Left Feet
Dance With Me
Careless Whisper

Question: 3/25Name the song!

I wanna feel the heat with somebody.
I Wanna Dance with Somebody
I Will Always Love You
Saving All My Love for You

Question: 4/25Name the song!

The kind of girl you read about in the new wave magazines.
Dream Girl
Super Freak

Question: 5/25Name the song!

Like a hobo I was born to walk alone.
Here I Go Again
Fool for Your Loving
Is this Love?

Question: 6/25Name the song!

Show me, show me, show me how you do that trick.
Boys Don't Cry
Just Like Heaven
Friday I'm in Love

Question: 7/25Name the song!

We're no strangers to love. You know the rules and so do I.
Never Gonna Give You Up
Cry for Help
Take on Me

Question: 8/25Name the song!

All I know is that to me you look like you're lots of fun.
My Heart Goes Bang
You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)
Brand New Lover

Question: 9/25Name the song!

In my life there's been heartache and pain.
Hot Blooded
I Want to Know What Love Is
Jukebox Hero

Question: 10/25Name the song!

Yeah 'n' he's holding her in his arms late, late at night.
What I Like About You
Jessie's Girl
Summer of '69

Question: 11/25Name the song!

You've seen the difference and it's getting better all the time.
Blue Diamond Falls
I Melt With You
What I Like About You

Question: 12/25Name the song!

Don't leave me hanging on like a yo-yo.
Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
Club Tropicana
I Want Your Sex

Question: 13/25Name the song!

Risin' up to the challenge of our rival.
The Final Countdown
Eye of the Tiger

Question: 14/25Name the song!

We got everything you want honey, we know the names.
Welcome to the Jungle
Empire State
Coming Home to New York

Question: 15/25Name the song!

I used to think maybe you loved me now baby I'm sure.
Love Shine a Light
Walking On Sunshine

Question: 16/25Name the song!

In the midnight hour I can feel your power.
Like a Prayer
Papa Don't Preach
Ray of Light

Question: 17/25Name the song!

It's gonna take a lot to take me away from you There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do
Walk Like an Egyptian
Love Will Set You Free

Question: 18/25Name the song!

I made it through the wilderness.
Material Girl
So Young
Like a Virgin

Question: 19/25Name the song!

Now and then when I see her face, she takes me away to that special place.
Paradise City
Sweet Child O' Mine
Welcome to the Jungle

Question: 20/25Name the song!

I walk along the avenue I never thought I'd meet a girl like you
Space Age Love Song
I Ran (So Far Away)
Tainted Love

Question: 21/25Name the song!

I'm a man without conviction.
It's a Miracle
Church of the Poison Mind
Karma Chameleon

Question: 22/25Name the song!

I'm on the hunt down. I'm after you.
Come Undone
The Wild Boys
Hungry Like The Wolf

Question: 23/25Name the song!

Lying in my bed I hear the clock tick, and think of you.
Lost Stars
Time After Time

Question: 24/25Name the song!

Every time I see you falling, I get down on my knees and pray.
Bizarre Love Triangle
How Soon is Now?
Blister in the Sun

Question: 25/25Name the song!

We're going to parti', karamu', fiesta, forever Come on and sing along
All Night Long
Dancing Queen
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