Quiz: You Might Be A Secret Navy Seal If You Can Get 20/25 On This Test

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"There are two ways to do something: the right way and again."

If you know all these facts about the United States Navy SEALS, you might as well register to become one! Go army! Support our troops!

 May 29, 2017
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What does BUD stand for?
Business Unit Director
Basic Underwater Demolition
Buffer of Uniform Data
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How does a candidate drop out of the program?
Turns in gear
Writes a letter
Rings a bell
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What is the official name of the SEALs’ elite team?
Special 6
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How long does the BUD program last?
1 year
6 months
9 months
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What is the official symbol of the SEALs?
6 of 25Pick one!
What is the minimum age requirement for SEAL training?
7 of 25Pick one!
What does SEAL stand for?
Simulated Evolution and Learning
Sea, Air, and Land
Sea Scout Advanced Leadership
8 of 25Pick one!
Under which president were SEALs established?
Dwight Eisenhower
John F. Kennedy
Richard Nixon
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Which of these mottos is often associated with the Navy SEALs?
The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday
Always Ready
Defend the Nation
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What year were the Navy SEALs officially established?
11 of 25Pick one!
What is the approximate dropout rate for Navy SEAL training?
12 of 25Pick one!
Only males can become Navy SEALs.
13 of 25Pick one!
What was the name of the operation that resulted in the death of bin Laden?
Operation Escondido
Operation Rising Sun
Operation Neptune Spear
14 of 25Pick one!
What is the common name of the team that captured Osama bin Laden?
Special Forces 8
SEAL Team Six
Special Team 5
15 of 25Pick one!
The SEAL team that captured Bin Laden was based in:
16 of 25Pick one!
What are PST scores used to gauge?
Physical fitness
Cognitive Ability
17 of 25Pick one!
As part of the physical screening, trainees must be able to run 1.5 miles in less than what?
10 minutes and 30 seconds
7 minutes and 30 seconds
9 minutes and 30 seconds
18 of 25Pick one!
What is the maximum age for someone who wants to become a SEAL officer?
19 of 25Pick one!
What is the nickname for the hardest part of BUD/S training?
White Flag Week
Hell Week
Separation Week
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What elements are stressed during the third phase of BUD/S training?
Air combat
Land warfare
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During Hell Week, what is the maximum amount of sleep a trainee gets per night?
4 hours
3 hours
5 hours
22 of 25Pick one!
During Hell week, a candidate runs for 200 miles.
23 of 25Pick one!
What does DEVGRU stand for?
Development Group
Development Grain Unit
Development Grass Roots
24 of 25Pick one!
What's the next round of training for people who successfully complete BUD/S?
Parachute school
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In order to begin SEAL training, you can only have a maximum of how many felony convictions?
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