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Do you know everything there is to know about the mountain state?

 Oct 14, 2017

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Which county in West Virginia doesn't have any traffic lights?
Berkeley County
Fayette County
Calhoun County

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Which of the following is true about West Virginia?
West Virginia is the top producer of Greek yogurt.
The first state sales tax in the U.S was effected in WV.
Paper clips were invented in West Virginia.

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What cave can you find near Ronceverte?
Bluefield cave
Seneca rocks
Organ cave

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What is the capital of West Virginia?

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'Montani semper liberi' is the state's motto. What does it mean?
Mountaineers are always free.
The land of mountains.
Mountains are calling your name.

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West Virginia is the second-largest ____ producing state in the country.

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What is the state bird?
Blue Jay

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Which river in WV is one of the oldest rivers in the world?
Shenandoah River
Tug Fork
New River

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What was the first capital of West Virginia?

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Who is Minnie Buckingham Harper?
1st black female legislator in the U.S
Youngest soldier to enlist
Founded the Fostoria Glass Company

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Which West Virginian native is responsible for Mother's Day?
Jackson Mill
Jerry West
Anna Jarvis

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Berkeley Springs has three times as many ______ as lawyers.
Massage therapists

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Which amusement park calls West Virginia its home?
Camden Park
Walley's World
Raging Waters

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____ is home to the nation's longest running Veteran's Day Parade.

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Many bars in Morgantown will stop the music at 12AM to play _____.
This is My West Viriginia
“Take Me Home, Country Roads”
West Virginia, My Home Sweet Home
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