Quiz: What Type Of Empath Are You Based On These 16 Questions?


Do you have an innate ability to intuitively feel and perceive others?

If you've been described as compassionate and caring, then this quiz is for you! If you're intuitive, take this quiz to see if you're right!

 Aug 14, 2017
1 of 16Choose one!
How can you tell if a person is lying?
How they fidget with things
You just know.
By looking at their eyes and facial expressions
2 of 16Choose one!
Your friends often refer to you as:
The lucky one!
Animal lover!
A lover of nature!!
3 of 16Choose one!
Which of the following books would be most interested in buying?
Habits of Highly Successful People
The Great African Safari
Dream Decoder
4 of 16Choose one!
How do you cheer up a friend who's feeling down?
By taking them somewhere new and exciting
By keeping them company
By buying them a gift
5 of 16Pick one!
Have you ever:
Caught someone in a lie
Won a prize purely from luck
Rescued an animal
6 of 16Pick one!
Which of the following have you experienced lately?
Out of body experience
Near death experience
Communicating with someone in a dream
7 of 16Pick one!
Which of the following places do you try to avoid visiting?
Shopping malls
8 of 16Pick one!
Which of the following would you say you're good at?
Knowing if someone is telling a lie
Predicting movie outcomes
Knowing if someone likes you
9 of 16Pick one!
What do you usually base your decisions on?
Gut feeling
10 of 16Pick one!
Would you rather:
Go skydiving
Run with the wild
Jump off a cliff
11 of 16Pick one!
Which of the following do you do for a quick pick me up?
Reading a book
Watching a movie
Playing with a dog
Eating dessert
12 of 16Pick one!
Which of the following gifts would you like to receive?
A scented candle
A scarf
A succulent plant
13 of 16Pick one!
Which of the following charities would you donate to?
Pure Water for the World
Feed the Hungry
The Humane Society
14 of 16Pick one!
Which of the following would you consider your dream car?
15 of 16Pick one!
Which of the following immediately makes you smile?
A puppy
Old couple sharing a milkshare
A laughing baby
16 of 16Pick one!
Which of the following is closest to your spirit animal?
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