Quiz: We Can Guess Which TV Detective You Are Based On 16 Questions


Can you find the answers to the mysteries of the unknown?

If you're great at spotting clues, then this quiz is for you? Do you love crime movies? Test your detective skills!

 Aug 02, 2017
1 of 16Pick one!
What's your working style?
You prefer working with a group.
You enjoy working alone.
You'd rather have a partner-in-crime.
2 of 16Pick one!
Which of the following would you consider your strongest suit?
3 of 16Choose one!
If you're fighting crime, which of the following would you most likely wear?
Something casual to keep a low key profile.
Something black, so you can hide behind the shadows.
A well-tailored suit, so people take you seriously.
4 of 16Choose one!
If you could choose one gadget, which would it be?
Truth serum
Camera pen
A shoe with a hidden weapon
5 of 16Choose one!
Which of the following super powers would you choose?
Mind reading
Super strength
6 of 16Choose one!
If you were to play one of the following, which game would you dominate?
Connect Four
7 of 16Choose one!
In deep concentration, you prefer listening to:
Peace and quiet
Electronic pop
Classical music
8 of 16Choose one!
When you first meet a person, what's the first thing you notice?
Their eyes
Their clothing
Their smile
9 of 16Choose one!
How do you spot a liar?
By observing their hand movements
By listening to their voice
By looking into their eyes
10 of 16Choose one!
If you were to hide something valuable, which of the following would you choose as your hiding place?
Under the bed
In the fridge
Inside a shoe
11 of 16Choose one!
How do you get the creative juices flowing?
By watching TV
By reading a book
By taking a walk
12 of 16Choose one!
Which of the following cities can you picture yourself living in?
New York
Los Angeles
13 of 16Choose one!
How do you spend your free time?
Catching up on sleep.
Hanging out with friends and family.
14 of 16Choose one!
In a murder mystery, who would you interrogate first?
The next door neighbor
The victim's spouse
The last person on the call list
15 of 16Choose one!
Pick your preferred color!
16 of 16Choose one!
Pick your ideal partner-in-crime!
A computer whiz
Your trusted dog
A charmer
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