Quiz: We Can Guess Where You're From Based On These 16 Slang Terms

NYC, queens, brooklyn, NY, Clipping, new york

Do you say soda or pop?

Take this fun and easy challenge to see if the way you speak is influenced by the place you grew up!

 Jun 27, 2017
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How would you address a group of people?
You all
You guys
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How would you refer to drinks like Coca Cola, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, etc.?
soft drinks
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What do you put food in at the grocery store?
Shopping cart
Grocery cart
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Where do you drink water from?
drinking fountain
the bubbler
water fountain
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What do you call the thing you use to control the TV?
the clicker
the remote
the zapper
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What do you say when someone looks nervous?
sweatin' like a whore in church
they look shook
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When you want to leave a party you say....
let's bounce
let's cruise
let's skiddadle
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What do you call something you carry things in?
a pocketbook
a purse
a bag
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Which slang term would you use to describe something not good?
tore up
not clutch
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What do you call a sale of your old things?
Yard Sale
Garage Sale
Rummage Sale
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What do you call a big sandwich?
A big sandwich
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What do you call bugs that light up?
Lightning bugs
Candle fly
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What do you call someone who is blowing things out of proportion?
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What do you say when someone is being crazy?
flew off the handle
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What do you call your local store?
Duane Reade
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What do you say when you get along with someone?
we are two peas in a pod
we are chill
they are my B
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