This Quiz Will Understand You Better Than You Understand Yourself

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Let's get down to business.

If you have a lot of unanswered questions about your true self, then you need to take this personality quiz!

 Sep 12, 2018
1 of 18Choose Your Answer:
When was the last time you took yourself on a shopping spree?
2 years ago...
On my birthday
Last weekend
2 of 18Choose Your Answer:
I ____ put the needs of others before myself.
3 of 18Choose Your Answer:
I enjoy being a part of a group.
4 of 18Choose Your Answer:
If you've got a big project, you usually like to work:
With a small group
With a partner
5 of 18Choose Your Answer:
How often do you daydream?
Every now and then
Perhaps once a month
6 of 18Choose Your Answer:
In your group of friends, you are the:
Life of the party
7 of 18Choose Your Answer:
Your friends can always count on you for:
Planning a party
Keeping secrets
Words of wisdom
8 of 18Choose Your Answer:
Would you ever rescue a 5 year old dog?
Only if I had help
Probably not...
9 of 18Choose Your Answer:
If you suddenly became a master at woodworking, what would you make?
Rocking chair
Park bench
A dining table
10 of 18Choose Your Answer:
Which view do you prefer the most?
Mountain range
Sunset at the beach
City lights
11 of 18Choose Your Answer:
Which of the following subjects would you like to excel in?
Computer science
English writing
12 of 18Choose Your Answer:
Do you pay your bills on time?
Of course!
Within in the grace period...
Most of the time
13 of 18Choose Your Answer:
If you could travel to one of these countries, which one would you choose?
14 of 18Choose Your Answer:
If time and money was not an issue, what would you like to learn?
15 of 18Choose Your Answer:
When choosing a restaurant, who ultimately makes the decision?
Anyone but you
It varies
16 of 18Choose Your Answer:
If you were granted a 3 hour lunch, you'd spend it at:
The movies
The gym
17 of 18Choose Your Answer:
Honestly, can you keep a secret?
Of course!
It depends...
18 of 18Choose Your Answer:
Growing up, you always aspired to be a:
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Do you truly understand the inner workings of your emotions? Do you think your friends have the same perception of yourself as you? Do you know your greatest strengths and weaknesses? Sometimes, we don't have to travel far into the woods, cross the seven seas, or dive into the unknown to get to know our core. We don't have to shell out hundreds of dollars on a Myers-Briggs personality test or hire a psychologist to understand what truly lies beneath the surface.

If you love personality quizzes, then you definitely need to take this one! Make sure to answer as truthfully as you can. Remember, this is a safe space. No judgment here whatsoever. Once you're done, feel free to share this fun and interesting quiz with your family and friends.

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