Quiz: Think You Know American History? Only The Smartest Will Get 10/15


Did you pay attention to history class?

U.S History and Politics. Major historical events in the United States. History basics for kids. Battles on U.S land. American Independence day.

 Nov 06, 2017

1 of 15Question 15

What is the birthday of the United States?
July 4
January 11
November 16

2 of 15Question 14

Who was the first president of the United States?
George Washington
Abraham Lincoln
Thomas Jefferson

3 of 15Question 13

This president issued an order in 1863 which freed the slaves.
Abraham Lincoln
Andrew Jackson
George Washington

4 of 15Question 12

Who is credited for inventing the light bulb?
Isaac Newton
Marie Curie
Thomas Edison

5 of 15Question 11

Who is credited for discovering America?
Christopher Columbus
King Arthur
Ferdinand Magellan

6 of 15Question 10

America won its independence from this country.
Great Britain

7 of 15Question 9

How many original colonies were there?

8 of 15Question 8

Which of the following states was not part of the original colonies?
Rhode Island

9 of 15Question 7

The Declaration of Independence was written by:
Abraham Lincoln
Thomas Jefferson
George Washington

10 of 15Question 6

What was the name of the war when eleven states seceded from the country to form a separate union?
Revolutionary War
Civil War
Boston Tea Party

11 of 15Question 5

Which of the following nations is not part of the 'Axis' group?

12 of 15Question 4

What was the "Boston Tea Party"?
A tax protest
A celebratory feast for winning the war
The first Red Sox win

13 of 15Question 3

The ____ outlined how the Pilgrims were going to govern themselves.
Mayflower Compact
Magna Carta
Bill of Rights

14 of 15Question 2

In what city was the Declaration of Independence signed?
New York

15 of 15Question 1

Who won the Battle of the Alamo?
The Mexicans
The Texans
The Indians
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