Quiz: These 22 Questions Will Reveal If You're Ruled By Your Head Or Heart


When your mind says "move on," but your heart says "hold on"...

Should you follow your heart or your mind? What is mind over matter. How to move on from your first love? Best ways to cope with loss

 Feb 11, 2018

1 of 22Choose one!

It's finally Friday, and you just want to stay in and watch a movie. Which would you choose?
A thrilling suspense movie
A romantic comedy
A thought-provoking documentary

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What's your go-to take out meal?
Always in the mood to try something new
Orange chicken and chow mein

3 of 22Choose one!

What's the best way to get over an ex?
Enter the dating pool
Hit the gym
Travel to a distant destination

4 of 22Choose one!

You haven't heard from your friends in weeks. What thought immediately comes to mind?
Did you do something wrong?
Are they ok? I should send them a text.
Perhaps they're just busy.

5 of 22Choose one!

Your best friend just got fired for no obvious reason. You immediately:
Talk to your best friend, and try to develop a plan of attack.
Offer help by searching possible job opportunities.
Question the boss for taking such action.

6 of 22Choose one!

What was your justification for the most expensive item in your closet?
It looked too fabulous to pass up!
It was gifted. You'd never spend that much money for it.
It's a timeless piece that will last for many years to come.

7 of 22Choose one!

Which of the following movies made you tear up?
The Big Short
Apollo 13
The Notebook

8 of 22Pick one!

Some jerk cuts you off on the freeway, what do you do?
Follow him, and cut him off as well.
Report his license plate to the drunk driver hotline
Let it go.
Give him the finger.

9 of 22Choose one!

Choose your ideal vacation destination:
Backpacking through Europe
Soaking up the sun in Fiji
Immersing yourself in the Thai culture

10 of 22Choose one!

Which of the following causes are you most passionate about?
Global Health
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Salvation Army

11 of 22Choose one!

Do you believe in love at first sight?
One can be infatuated at first sight.
Of course!

12 of 22Choose one!

Which of the following would you say is your best quality?

13 of 22Choose one!

Which of the following would you consider something you need to work on?
Being a perfectionist
Mood swings

14 of 22Choose one!

Which of the following pets did you have growing up?
All mentioned

15 of 22Choose one!

Would you rather:
Stay in an all-inclusive resort
Take a 7-day cruise vacation
Hike to Machu Picchu

16 of 22Choose one!

All is fair in love and war.

17 of 22Choose one!

When fighting with a friend, you usually apologize:

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Your senior superlative was:
Most likely to be CEO of a Fortune 500 company
Most likely to own a private jet
Most likely to be on a reality show
Most likely to be a broadway actress

19 of 22Choose one!

Are you right or left handed?
Most likely to be CEO of a Fortune 500 company

20 of 22Choose one!

Are you right or left brained?
Right (creative)
Left (logical)

21 of 22Choose one!

Are you superstitious?
Yes, very
About some things...let's just say I'll never break a mirror
Not at all

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Would you rather be the most intelligent person in the room or the funniest?
Most intelligent
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