Quiz: Sorry Yankees, Only A True Southerner Will Ace This Quiz

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Are you Southern enough to pass this quiz?

Are you from the South? Are you well-versed with Southern slang? If so, put your knowledge to the test with this fun and informative quiz!

 Apr 28, 2018

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On a hot summer day, what is your go-to drink?
Grape soda
Sweet tea

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Complete the phrase: It doesn't amount to a hill of _____.

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Is 'Bless Your Heart' a compliment?

4 of 18Choose one!

If you're furious, you are madder than a wet ____.

5 of 18Choose one!

"'Til the Cows Come Home" is an expression for:
Something profitable
Something that will never ever happen
Something that will take a long time

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Which of the following expressions can be used for ' I suppose' or 'I guess'?
Bigger than britches
If I had my druthers
I reckon

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Which of the following states produces the most peaches?

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Where can you find a minnow?
Up in the trees
In someone's casserole
In a pond

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Complete the phrase: "he was funny as _____."
Al Bundy
all get out
a full tick

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If you live above the ____ line, you're a Yankee.

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What do you call a shopping cart used at supermarkets?
Roller basket

12 of 18Choose one!

What are britches?
People with a bad attitude
A mixing pot

13 of 18Choose one!

White Lily is a type of:
Cooking oil

14 of 18Choose one!

The SEC is a league championship for:

15 of 18Choose one!

Aqua net is a brand of:
Pool supplies

16 of 18Choose one!

If someone is gussied up, that means they ______.
Took a leap of faith
Are blushing over their crush
Dressed up

17 of 18Choose one!

If Susan has gumption, what does she have?
Lots of money
A weapon

18 of 18Choose one!

What is an azalea?
A dessert usually served at weddings
Sugar cream butter
A type of flower
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