Quiz: Play This Game Of Would You Rather & We'll Reveal Your REAL Age

Would you rather be right or be happy?

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 Feb 23, 2018
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Question: 1/18Choose one!

Would you rather...
Be the funniest person in the room
Be the most intelligent person in the room

Question: 2/18Choose one!

Would you rather...
Speak all languages
Speak to all animals

Question: 3/18Choose one!

Would you rather...
Live under the sea
Live in space

Question: 4/18Choose one!

Would you rather...
Never have Internet access again
Never be able to ride an airplane again

Question: 5/18Choose one!

Would you rather...
Receive a lifetime supply of food from your favorite restaurant
Receive a lifetime supply of gasoline for your car

Question: 6/18Choose one!

Would you rather...
Have photographic memory
Be able to forget anything you want

Question: 7/18Choose one!

Would you rather...
Find true love
Win 10 million dollars

Question: 8/18Choose one!

Would you rather...
Take a relaxing Caribbean vacation
Take a European sight seeing vacation

Question: 9/18Choose one!

Would you rather...
Win a Nobel Prize
Win an Oscar

Question: 10/18Choose one!

Would you rather...
Play an extra in a soap opera
Have a one very famous one-hit-wonder

Question: 11/18Choose one!

Would you rather...
Live in a world with vampires
Be in a zombie apocalypse

Question: 12/18Choose one!

Would you rather...
Read people's minds

Question: 13/18Choose one!

Would you rather...
Have a pause button
Have a rewind button

Question: 14/18Choose one!

Would you rather...
Be a kid for a day
Be the opposite gender for a day

Question: 15/18Choose one!

Would you rather...
Be stuck in an elevator for 3 hours
Be stuck on a ski lift for 1.5 hours

Question: 16/18Choose one!

Would you rather...
Never eat pie ever again
Eat an entire pie to yourself every day for the rest of your life

Question: 17/18Choose one!

Would you rather...
Always feel like sneezing but never could
Have hiccups for the rest of your life

Question: 18/18Choose one!

Would you rather...
See the future 500 years from now
Visit Dinosaur age
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