Quiz: Only An OG Cher Fan Can Name All Of These Songs By One Lyric

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Do you BELIEVE you can ace this quiz?

If you claim to be the biggest Cher fan on the planet, then you need to take this quiz ASAP and prove you're a day one fan!

 May 26, 2018
1 of 16Name The Song!
"I really don't think you're strong enough, no"
The Beat Goes On
2 of 16Name The Song!
"Words are like weapons, they wound sometimes"
Love Me Tender
If I Could Turn Back Time
Way to Your Heart
3 of 16Name The Song!
"Protect what´s dear, don´t trade your soul"
Listen to Your Heart
Piu' Che Puoi
Tell Him
4 of 16Name The Song!
"We rode on horses made of sticks"
Childhood Memories
Play House
Bang Bang
5 of 16Name The Song!
"They say our love won't pay the rent"
Hand in my Pocket
You and Me Against the World
I Got You Babe
6 of 16Name The Song!
"But every night all the men would come around and lay their money down"
Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves
Dark Lady
7 of 16Name The Song!
"You think you're so bad, drive the women folk wild"
We Love the Bad Boys
Just Like Jesse James
Killer Looks
8 of 16Name The Song!
"How can I tell if he loves me so"
Tell Me
The Shoop Shoop Song
I Wanna No
9 of 16Name The Song!
"This is our last goodbye, it's true"
Independent Woman
Strong Enough
10 of 16Name The Song!
"My father married a pure Cherokee"
Love Everlasting
Land's Apart
11 of 16Name The Song!
"But you walked away when I needed you most"
I Found Someone
Broken Pieces
Thief of the Night
12 of 16Name The Song!
"The fortune queen of New Orleans"
Dark Lady
Saints and Sinners
Palm Reading
13 of 16Name The Song!
"Touched down in the land of the Delta Blues"
Walking in Memphis
Over Yonder
Take Me Home
14 of 16Name The Song!
"And I've been pushed way past the point of breaking"
Stronger Now
You Haven't Seen the Last of Me
15 of 16Name The Song!
"I've been standing out in the rain. I've been calling your name"
Rain on Me
Last Chances
All or Nothing
16 of 16Name The Song!
"When heroes fall in love or war, they live forever"
Love Can Build a Bridge
Lonely Hearts Club
Song for the Lonely
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Singer, actress, style icon, and the ultimate showbiz survivor - what's not to love about the one and only Cher? She's one of only five people to have won an Oscar for acting and scored a US number one hit. Unbelievable, right? With over a six-decade career, Cher's influence in the music industry and Hollywood will live on forever.

She's been dubbed as the Goddess of Pop! She popularly known for her distinctive contralto singing voice. Cher's career began in 1965 as one-half of the folk rock husband-wife duo Sonny & Cher. She simultaneously began her solo career and achieved critical acclaim and success. She's a multitalented artist. Not only can she sing and dance, she can act! She even won Best Actress for her performance in the 1987 film, Moonstruck.

In 1998, Cher reached her commercial peak with her album 'Believe,' whose title track became the biggest-selling single of all time by a female artist in the UK. The album pioneered autotune also known as the 'Cher' effect. Kanye even recently thanked Cher for introducing autotune.

If you love all things Cher, especially her music, then this quiz is right up your alley. If you know all the words by heart and have sang her song at karaoke more times than you can remember, then take a stab at this challenge! Each questions contains a song lyric from sixteen carefully chosen Cher hits in her six-long-decade as an artist. If you ace this quiz, then you're definitely a true fan!