Quiz: Only An Irish Person Can Get A Perfect 15/15 On This Test

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How Irish are you??

Take this fun and easy quiz to test your knowledge of Irish culture, holidays, and language. Are you Irish...

 Jan 08, 2018
1 of 15Choose one:
If you find one of these, you will have good luck.
Ant farm
Four-leaf clover
2 of 15Choose one:
"Erin go Bragh" expresses...
Allegiance to Ireland
Emotional response to sports
3 of 15Choose one:
Irish coffee contains...
Irish cream
Almond milk
4 of 15Choose one:
What does a claddagh ring signify?
Your level of education
Your relationship status
Your current mood
5 of 15Choose one:
As the old folktale goes, you can find a _____ at the end of a rainbow.
Pot of gold
Litter of puppies
Pile of trash
6 of 15Choose one:
What is your favorite holiday?
Boxing Day
St. Patricks Day
7 of 15Choose one:
What is a jumper?
Long Johns
8 of 15Choose one:
Which of the following refers to having a hangover?
The boot
The fear
9 of 15Choose one:
If the West has soda and the East has pop, the Irish have:
The Fizz
Soda pop
10 of 15Choose one:
Guinness is popularly known as:
Pint of Gat
Irish coffee
11 of 15Choose one:
How do you pronounce this name: "Sinead"
12 of 15Choose one:
What do you call an Irish breakfast?
A fry
13 of 15Choose one:
If you lost your keys or your wallet, you better pray to:
St. Catherine
St. Patrick
St. Anthony
14 of 15Choose one:
If you don't want your mom to catch you "ossified," you are...
Sneaking out
15 of 15Choose one:
If french fries are chips, then what would you call potato chips?
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