Quiz: Only Americans With A PhD Know The Meanings Of These Common Idioms

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A penny for your thoughts?

If you frequently use idioms in your everyday conversation, then you should definitely do well on this quiz!

 Feb 01, 2018

1 of 14Pick one!

This idiom means to avoid a certain topic.
Cry over spilt milk
Beat around the bush
At the drop of the hat

2 of 14Pick one!

To denote something was done badly to save money...
Cut corners
Caught between two stools
Add insult to injury

3 of 14Pick one!

If you took on a task that is way too big you
Felt a bit under the weather
Burned the midnight oil
Bit off more than you can chew

4 of 14Fill in the blank:

It takes two to ______.
Make a baby

5 of 14Pick one!

Not playing with a full deck means someone lacks:

6 of 14Fill in the blank:

Put ____ over other people's eyes.

7 of 14Pick one!

If you're taking credit for someone's work, you're stealing their _____.

8 of 14Pick one!

This means not to take what someone so seriously.
Far cry from
Take it with a grain of salt
Jump on the bandwagon

9 of 14Fill in the blank:

Every cloud has a ____ lining.

10 of 14Pick one!

If you are presenting a counter argument, you're playing:
Devil's Advocate
Cat out of the bag
Elvis' ally

11 of 14Pick one!

Hit the sack means you're going to:

12 of 14Pick one!

If you heard it straight from the horse's mouth, it must be:

13 of 14Pick one!

If you want to worsen an already unfavorable situation, you would add ____ to injury.

14 of 14Pick one!

If you're accusing the wrong person or looking in the wrong place, you must be:
Burning the midnight oil
Barking up the wrong tree
Beating around the bush
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