Quiz: Only A True Italian Can Spell These 22 Important Italian Words

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La Vita e Bella! Any born-and-raised Italian should know all of these words. Are you up for the challenge?

If you grew up Italian, then you should definitely ace this quiz! If you speak Italian, this quiz should be easy!

 Oct 17, 2017
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Buona giornata and welcome to this quiz! Are you from Italia or born and raised in America but with serious Italian roots? Do you have an Italian relative by marriage? Is your friend Guiliana always asking you to come taste her nonnas cooking? This quiz will prove you know Italian like the back of your hand! And if you've never met an Italian person in your life, this quiz will teach you all about Italian words, including some cooking jargon! You might learn how to order a pizza! If you're an Italian from Milano or Roma, meglio comprendere tutto! Italian is a romance language similar to French and Spanish. They are defined as romance languages because they originated from a language spoken by Romans. So knowing these languages, or learning about them, gets you one step closer to a distant piece of history! Che carino! You could book a trip after this quiz and know how to get around an Italian city. Of course there are plenty of iPhone apps, and language immersion programs for you to try as well. So sit back with a nice glass of Chianti, make some fresh pasta con pomodoro, play some Dean Martin, watch a Sofia Loren movie and get ready to prove your Italian word knowledge or learn something new! Show your tutors, teachers, and foreign friends that you too, have culture, because you understand another language besides English! You know Italian culture isn't the Olive Garden and you know better than to drink wine out of a can! So what are you waiting for? Andiamo!

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