Quiz: Only A Kentuckian Can Pass This Roots And Blues Test. Can You?

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Are you a native of the Bluegrass state?

If you love bluegrass then you will definitely ace this seemingly difficult quiz! Kentucky natives will do well on this challenge!

 May 04, 2018

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What is the main alcohol in a mint julep?

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"Honest Dick" Tate was the Kentucky State Treasurer.

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____ restaurant in Louisville claims to have invented the cheeseburger in 1934.
The Village Idiot
Gary's Dive In

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The melody of the song "Happy Birthday" was composed by two Louisville sisters.

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Which of the following states does not border Kentucky?

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Where does mutton come from?

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Traditionally, what is served with mutton?
Collard greens
Sweet potato cakes

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What is a hot brown?
Meat from a mature cow
A sandwich
A football fan

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What is Kentucky's state beverage?
Mint Julep

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Who is considered the 'Father of Bluegrass'?
William Smith
Bill Monroe
Johnny Knox

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What is a mandolin?
A chopping device
A stringed instrument
A tractor

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The innovative three-finger picking style on the banjo that energized enthusiastic audiences is known as:
“Monroe style”
“Rainwater style”
“Scruggs style”

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Where can you find the International Bluegrass Museum?

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What is Kentucky's state song?
Bowling Green
Blue Moon of Kentucky
My Old Kentucky Home

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The Festival of the Bluegrass happens every:
Second Saturday of September
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