Quiz: Only A FIB Would Fail This Wisconsin Quiz

Are you a true Wisconsonite?

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 Feb 21, 2018
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Question: 1/15Pick one!

How does a Wisconsinite end a question?
What you thinking?
Or no?

Question: 2/15Choose one!

Which of the following is used to cure a toothache?
Minced garlic with honey
A spoonful of Brandy
Juice from fresh oregano

Question: 3/15Choose one!

drinking fountain, water fountain
What would you call this?
Mini hose
Drinking fountain

Question: 4/15Choose one!

How do you refer to these?

Question: 5/15Choose one!

Which of the following musical genres is big in Wisconsin?

Question: 6/15Choose one!

forevertron, Wisconsin
Name this sculpture!
Tucson Iron and Metal
Bird Lady

Question: 7/15Choose one!

Where is Summerfest held each year?
Each city bids to host Summerfest
Green Bay

Question: 8/15Choose one!

What is the key ingredient in Kopp's Frozen custard that sets it apart from others?
Heavy cream
Cheese curds

Question: 9/15Choose one!

If you're going to Solly's, what should you order?
Butter burger
Frozen custard
Cheese fries

Question: 10/15Choose one!

Fresh cheese curds are ______.
Slightly yellow

Question: 11/15Choose one!

In terms of alcohol, what is Wisconsin's state drink?

Question: 12/15Choose one!

If you're headed to the state fair, what's the one food item you cannot miss?
Cream Puffs
Beer with ice cream
Deep fried twinkie

Question: 13/15Choose one!

Fish Fry are reserved for:
Out of Towners

Question: 14/15Choose one

Wisconsin has more lakes than Minnesota.

Question: 15/15Choose one!

What is TYME?
An ATM machine
A famous all-you-can-eat breakfast joint
A type of herb
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