Quiz: Only 1 in 50 People Identify If These 16 Countries Are Real Or Fake

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Can you spot the ones that were made up?

If you have a knack for unique names for places, then this quiz is for you! If you've traveled quite a bit, try this quiz!

 Oct 18, 2017
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Step right up! Think you know all the countries in the world? If so, you'll have to navigate through this quiz filled with made up countries. Sure you've heard of some of these fantastic places but are you smart enough to click the right answer? People with insanely high IQ's might breeze through it but have no fear, we believe in you! 16 questions stand between you and a perfect score. Whether you're from the states or abroad, this quiz will make you stop and think. So grab a map, globe, or handy Atlas and prove you paid attention in middle school. With all the craziness going on in our world who knows, maybe you'll recognize the name of a not-as-well-known country. Or maybe you'll scoff when you see an obviously made up location. Maybe you are truly a genius and you're so sick of people questioning your academic prose so you'll take this test, with your eyes closed, and still get a perfect score. It's time to acquire some frequent flyer miles, stamp up that passport, and get to traveling. Even if you can't drop everything and go right now, you can drop everything and take this exploratory quiz! So tap back into that memory of yours and get to answering these questions about the REAL and fake countries of the world! This fun quiz will keep you entertained, whether you're waiting for your flight to board, avoiding your boss's emails, or flipping through Facebook. You can decompress for a few minutes and concentrate on something fun!