Quiz: Only 1 in 50 People Can Identify All 16 Of These Historical Foods

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Do you call yourself a foodie? Test your food knowledge and see if you can identify every one of these historical foods!

If you are a true foodie, then you'll do well on this quiz. If you love food, then you'll ace this quiz.

 Oct 17, 2017
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Here ye, Here ye! Step right up to ace this food quiz. But not any regular food quiz! A HISTORICAL food quiz. That's right people. Do you think you know what people ate in Medieval times? Do you know what a tamale looks like? These foods are notably delicious but also, historic! So not only will you know everything about food and cuisine, you might learn that they came from the past! From American food to international cuisines, if you don't know, now you will. If you ace this quiz you can brag to all your Facebook friends. Look Stacey, you called me stupid in middle school because I spelled "convenience" incorrectly but LOOK AT ME NOW, acing a quiz only 1 in 50 people can identify. AND it's about historical food. Who has the last laugh now? Julia Childs in looking down from heaven, beaming with excitement because you know interesting and exotic foods by one image. You can go home and cook up a mean meal because this quiz is just that motivating. Hey, even Gordon Ramsey is cracking a smile somewhere in the world because he knows you've finally seen what he sees. A successful food quiz taker. There aren't many out there but man, are we happy you're here. Maybe you have the highest IQ in the food industry. Maybe you should open your own restaurant in Las Vegas. Maybe you start selling organic bee pollen at your local farmers market. Maybe you start a food blog to show your ex-roommate that you actually can cook it was SHE who was burning food in the oven all those years. Good luck but more importantly, have fun.