Quiz: Only 1 in 50 Jewish People Can Ace This Religious Test. Can You?

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Mazel tov!

Signs you were raised by a Jewish family. Growing up jewish. Famous jewish people. Celebrities who are jewish.

 Mar 28, 2017
1 of 18Choose one:
Which holiday involves building a temporary hut?
Yom Kippur
2 of 18Choose one:
Who was the man that spoke for Moses?
3 of 18Choose one:
Which of these CAN you eat during Passover?
4 of 18Choose one:
Who received the written Torah from God?
5 of 18Choose one:
At what age does a boy become a Bar Mitzvah?
15 years old
13 years old
20 years old
6 of 18Choose one:
Which animal is kosher?
7 of 18Choose one:
Who wrote the Book of Proverbs?
King Solomon
8 of 18Choose one:
What is the central reference for Judaism?
9 of 18Choose one:
The most accepted summary of Jewish beliefs is Rambam's ____ principles of faith.
10 of 18Choose one:
When a Jewish person dies, they are buried:
Exactly a week from one's death
On the first Sabbath day after the death
On the following day
11 of 18Choose one:
What is the holiest day in the Jewish year?
Day of Atonement
Jewish New Year
Festival of Lights
12 of 18Choose one:
When does the weekly Sabbath day commence?
At sunrise on Saturday morning
At 6am on Sunday morning
At sunset on Friday night
13 of 18Choose one:
What do you call the traditional skull-cap worn by Jewish men?
14 of 18Choose one:
What does the Jewish Festival of Passover commemorate?
The rebirth of Christ
The arrival of Spring
The Israelite Exodus from Egypt
15 of 18Choose one:
When praying, it is customary for Jewish people to pray facing:
16 of 18Choose one:
Which one of these is not a traditional Jewish blessing?
Blessing over sitting down
Blessing over wine
Blessing for washing hands
17 of 18Choose one:
On the eve of the Sabbath it is customary in a Jewish home to light what?
One candle
No candles
Two or more candles
18 of 18Choose one:
In Orthodox & Conservative services, men & women sit separately for prayer, because?
They don't like each other
Two separate ceremonies run in the synagouge
The male’s mind is supposed to be on prayer and not on women
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